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Barb Shooshanian – Breast Cancer Survivor

Years ago I never could have imagined the impact the words “breast cancer” would have on myself and my family. I’ll never forget that Saturday morning in October when my Mom told me she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had no words – I was scared for her and just wanted my Mom to be OK.

Three years later I heard the same words “I am very sorry, but your tumor is malignant.” I sat there in disbelief. I heard the words, I knew it was happening – but I had no idea how significantly my life would change.

Fast forward to my last day of radiation – a day that should have been full of celebration – ended with tears as we learned my sister was just diagnosed. Her diagnosis was actually the hardest for me to process. We had tested negative for the genetic mutation and I just couldn’t understand how all three of us were forced to hear those words you never want to hear.

Today, all three of us are healthy and living life to the fullest! The roads we travelled were all long, different and hard. The after effects of the disease – both physically and mentally – are sometimes overwhelming. But in the end we are all SURVIVORS.

Out of the darkness came a strong desire to give back! Finding ways to help support women and men facing a breast cancer diagnosis was my main goal – which eventually turned into Pink Sisters Inc. Thank you for helping us continue to make a difference!


Barb Shooshanian
Pink Sisters Founder Barb Shooshanian

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